Friday, September 12, 2008

Early morning website check...

Early morning website check

As per the hockey coach's instructions, our son raced to the computer this morning to find the primary roster/first release list and there before his eyes was his name noted in black and white, listed as a potential future player. Smiles and high fives resulted naturally round the laptop.

There were actually 45 team hopefuls and 8 prospective goalies all sweating up a storm, working hard, fully determined to give it their best shot at becoming team players for this travel hockey team. The caliber of play alone would be well worth the efforts. They all knew that. He played a nine hole game of golf in the later afternoon to limber up, and keep his mind off the late evening ice time ahead. But in all things, before we left the house last night, our son told me he was pleased just to be able to try his hardest and offer up all his efforts no matter what the end results would be.

He survived the DEEP 25 player cut last night, so can you say he's one relieved son today? Oh yeah....all is well. Next invitational hockey tryout evening will be next Tuesday night.