Monday, December 07, 2009

Advent #1

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

As we await with anticipatory hearts, may we go forth with absolute joyful purpose to prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus.

Let us walk the talk, live our understanding that HE is King.

Let us be reassured of our own Salvation history currently in progress right before our very eyes whether we realize it, or not. Right now. Oh yes it is.

While we wait, we have lightened the curriculum extras and revolve our days around core subjects only (for the most part), preparing not only for Advent, but also for the Christmas season ahead.

We take time out for crafting, and for reading, praying, watching, baking, singing, counting down, sacrificing, and hoping for all those wonderful sentiments expressed this time of year.

Obviously we're loving the accompanying snow, watching it twirl downward to cover the ground with its wintry white blanket, very soon creating yet another frenzy with our children asking for a "snow day" so they can suit up and romp around outdoors. :)

I'll be sharing more each day this week as we continue through our Advent days ahead....