Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our New Grandbaby is HERE!

Happy News from our son and his wife...

Yesterday morning we were notified our daughter in law was in preliminary stages of early labor.

She rose extra early to make her oldest daughter a birthday cake and felt the urge to celebrate her special day during lunch time rather than later. She also notified her mother who came to enjoy a piece of birthday cake and then she ended up taking all four of the children home with her overnight, just in case.

Later in the day I got a telephone call from her and during our conversation I was noting how much closer her contractions were coming, now timeable and chose to keep her occupied with more conversation when she wasn't having to pause around each one. She was yet alone at home, our son had not yet returned from running an errand. I felt the need to just keep her on the line until he was home with her again.

In lieu of the events happening during our conversation, I encouraged her to call the midwives to give them both a heads-up to the events of the day and a warning she may be calling later in the evening. During the end of our chat, sure enough, she began to feel an acceleration in her labor and I knew right there this baby was coming - and soon.

Sure enough, within only four hours of ending our call, our sweet brand new from heaven grandbabe made her entry into the world, little "Francesca Therese" was born during her parent's first home birth experience, a perfect one at that. Now this sweet little gal will share all of her birthdays with her oldest sister.

Four little girls and one boy reside in this home and certainly the other children are just itching to get home to meet their newest sister today.

Thank you for all your prayers. Everything, all the details this couple was concerned about, including our son threatened to be called away out of town with his work yesterday morning, all worked out perfectly in the end.

So thankful. God is good! Selfishly though, what a bummer we can't "see" and "hold" this new blessing for a while until we travel west to meet her in the new year.

I'll post a photo as soon as I can get my hands on