Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Seasonal changes out my window

Above; ~ Monday this week...

Above; ~ Tuesday this week...

Above: ~ Remembering what our winter was like last year when the snow was light and the skies were beautiful.

Why oh why (!) would anyone NOT enjoy the winter scene in the last photo so much more when comparing it to the dark and more dreary sky filled "ick" snapped in the two photos located above this anyway?

Why do people hide out in Florida at this time of year and not revel in this mighty and most beautiful season here at home?

I wonder, because in my own humble opinion, this is the type of scenery NOT to be missed, the scenery people also escape for winter vacations to ski and enjoy snow play.

We have it right here at home, why leave? It's all ......

So bright.
So cheery.
So lovely.
So...um wintry.

Okay, so I'm not preparing for a move right about now like last year, so heh, why not just bring it on already!