Friday, December 04, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like ADVENT!


But four weeks, this is the season to wait, pray and prepare for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas.

Patience is often required during this holy season as we anticipate what is to come, as that last purple candle on the Advent wreath is lit, and all the candles are glowing for the last time.

  • Waiting, wondering, wishing.....
  • Preparing, praying, pondering....

  • Calm, creative, crazy, ahem... and collected....
  • Sights to see, scents to smell, music to hear...

Soon it will be joyful we adore Him, but for many this time of year carries no joy. Pay it forward by lending a hand, volunteering, take your eyes off your "wants" and assist in someone else's "needs".

  • Wise men seeking, Shepherds watching their sheep, and one mule carrying a woman in labor...
  • Wrapping, baking, hands busy making.... photos snapping (grin, grin)
  • Jesse trees, Advent calendar, Advent candle, the countdown is on...

And for one new babe, not much of these things above really matter... only that we await with deep meditative reflections on "why" he comes this time each year, during this holy Advent season.

Feeling pressure at this time of year? Well now, one must consider the consequences of their busyness when pondering the pressures during this season aren't coming from HIM.

  • Simplify.
  • Detox the self-imposed craziness.
  • Dwell on the purpose of Advent, focus if you will on the journey those three wise men are currently making, and why not just head straight up the road to meet them there.
  • Fall on your knees and know HE is your KING!

  • Want to dig even deeper and know more? Grab your closest Bible and peruse Isaiah 1 - 18
....where the prophet speaks in the voice of God and calls the people of Israel to repentance, to prepare them for the coming of His Son. But the Old Testament people of Israel also represents the New Testament Church, so the call to repentance applies to us as well. Christ has already come, at the first Christmas; but He is coming again at the end of time, and we need to prepare our souls.

~ Scott P. Richert

Advent - a time of great anticipation.
As the Advent time draws near
We wait with expectation
As Mary and her husband dear
Await the Incarnation.

Advent is a time to look
To watch with eyes of Faith
To make our hearts an open book
Our souls and empty slate.

For Christ will surely come to all
To write upon our inward scroll
The words of Faith He shall recall
And childhood's love extol

The Baby Jesus shall rekindle
The child of Faith deep down within
For as we light the Advent candle
WE shall give birth to HIM.

Behold the reason for the season!