Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wintry White

Yesterday, almost 15 inches quickly gathered on the ground, enough to warrants hauling out the snow blower and powering it up for its first driveway clearing duties.

Last night as I walked up to the neighborhood cookie exchange last night, I did the unthinkable by slipping and actually sprawling on the ground after my right foot hit a patch of icy snow under the powder fluff.

As quick as I could I stood up, hoping no one saw my fall and I began to quickly brush off all the snow on my clothing.

How silly I felt but the giggles came and didn't leave for the duration of the walk up the hill.
I thought maybe in the dark of the evening I was alone in my giggles, that is until I heard the echo of a child yelling "are you okay mommy?" - loud enough in the hushed insulated snowy blanket atmosphere for an entire neighborhood to hear.

As the guests gathered in our hostess' home, another woman living down the road from me mentioned she almost fell on her way up. I snickered and confessed that I had fallen. With an ah-ha expression on her face, she said she followed my footsteps up the road and saw my splat in the snow, because it's where she too almost landed.

I was caught not once, but twice.
What a hoot it was from then on. I think I shall never live that spill down now, giggles exploded round the room about the whole imagined scene as I detailed the story and my subsequent fast action clean up.

Again today, the snow is falling, and we are expecting similar amounts to last night. Oh so lovely.

The timing for the snow to fall couldn't be more perfect though because yesterday a crew of four men arrived in the later morning to replace the back doors.

First one side of the double doors had delaminated in the summer from extreme heat issues and the beveled glass from the other door required replacement from a broken seal.

Four men worked hard to change the doors,
replace trims, and replace the beveled
glass from its broken seal.

Talk about waiting way too long to replace doors in the middle of winter, however this crew had been delayed from a wrong sized door delivery and then the door manufacturer produced the one door without matching decor trims.

Frustrated, the crew worked the door using the old trims to match both doors up, replaced the glass from the old door to the other side and install the new door later on.

Our temporary protective doorway from the snow falling outside

The snow began to fall, and mount up as these men worked between our home and their huge workshop interior of their truck.

Around the perimeter of the huge door entry was the discovery of dormant ladybugs hiding from the elements for winter. There were not but a few, rather there were hundred and hundreds of them, suddenly free to roam about while the doors were removed for repair. ugh,ugh,ugh.

Grossing everyone out with the amount suddenly appearing, the children ran for bug bottles, dust pans and one of the men scooted off for his portable vacuum system to assist in ridding our kitchen of these bugs.

An invasion of hundreds of ladybugs was beyond incredible!

Don't get me wrong, I like ladybugs, just not quite so many of them invading my home all at once!

After four hours of working on both doors, at least 7 inches of snow had accumulated directly behind the makeshift tarp panel protecting the doorway.

While the door was being repaired and replaced, it began to snow...and hard!

In the heart of this snowy winter, we are at last very pleased to have this major item now crossed off our list, though still incomplete with missing screw plugs on the door trims, and in the spring the newest door will require painting.

Talk about having it all complete.... in the nick of time. Whew...

One beige and one white door until spring.
And for now, let's hang the blinds back up...