Saturday, December 05, 2009

A visit to St. Nicholas, a classic rewind

circa 2003

Around the beginning of this new Liturgical year, the month of December offers plenty of feast days, and our family's tradition of celebrating many of them fast becomes very exciting for everyone. Ah yes, tomorrow December 6th is St. Nicholas Day.

The photo above shows a classic photo from 2003 when good St. Nicholas wasn't able to swing by our home that particular year, though an invitation did come to us, requesting we travel to visit him instead at the local Dutch store on December 6th.

He was waiting for the children, along with Black Pieter whom all of our children were quite unhappy about having him so near to them.
With his crozier near to him, he asked the children various questions to probe what they might know of him, offering a little history for review.

I wondered if he might query what their shoes contained that morning from him, those traditional family goodies found each St. Nicholas feast day deep within their least smelly and best single shoe placed near to the fireplace.

As in many other years, we like to read classic stories and make cookies together. Oh, and we'll be hanging out at the St. Nicholas Center online tomorrow, found
by clicking onto it right HERE.

Choosing to celebrate St.Nicholas' feast day and taking advantage of my husband's Dutch background for making it a family tradition of sorts, I am so incredibly sad to report that this is the first year we haven't stumbled upon a local Dutch store for the wonderful traditional St. Nicholas Day food fare we are used to having at our fingertips.

No, it is a great disappointment to yet uncover some small store with delft blue colors and a flag from the Netherlands hanging in the window.

I am hoping before Saturday that I can locate one....boohoo... Wish me luck as we have snow and snow squall predictions so I may not even be able to get out the door even if I try, stomp my foot and cry over it. grin, grin.