Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advent #5

Good Reads...

Our collection of Advent, Christmas and Feast day books are colorful, plentiful and varied. Many of the editions we own are long out of print, somewhat collectibles I suppose to many at this time. Rest assured that is not the reason why we own them. some of the edition we own are no longer in print but so mighty precious with simple beauty in both storyline and artistic value. These are the ones worth the hunt, worth the find and worth keeping in a family library for generations to come. As more libraries are choosing to become more politically correct with their book stocks, attending a library book sale is always most definitely at the top of my priority list. Treasures all, they are "keepers" in the biggest sense of the word. What are you waiting for, find out when your next library book sale will be held and mark it on your calendars? :)

Personally I feel there is no monetary value which can be placed upon a classic and powerful read, no matter what a financial circumstance of the one who owns the book. Granted many out there are collectors for monetary gain, not us.

My fondest wish is for the day down the road when all of our grandchildren gain this collection for their own families, becoming heirlooms along the way for all. Here are but a few of the ones I am sharing with you here today, the rest are still packed away in my Christmas bins until we pull them out this week.

There is nothing more tender and sweet than cuddling up with a young one, (or older ones) and curling up by the fire with a good book.

What sort of Advent and Christmas books are you collecting for your family? Fill up your book baskets folks, and then put them all away until next year when Advent begins anew once more.