Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice hockey at dusk...

My Backyard Hockey Rink

(A poem of the five senses)

~ by; C. Yee

I see the frozen glass
I see the trees do the "wave" as I score a goal
I see the snow blow onto the ice

I smell the sweat from my hockey gloves

I smell hot dogs cooking on the grill

I smell the burning wood on the fire

I hear my skates rip through the ice like a saw cutting wood

I hear the trees clang back and forth in the wind

I hear the pucks bang off the goal posts

I taste the cold snow

I taste my mom's hot cocoa

I taste my mom's hot brownies

I feel the sweat run down my cheek

I feel the cold wind blow open my jacket and sting my face

I feel happy when I skate on my backyard hockey rink with my hockey pals