Friday, March 07, 2008



Our son got his chance to be the goalie.

Do you ever wonder what there is to celebrate outside of the obvious within your home? In our family, as usual, there is much to celebrate, and today was no exception. Today was the final day to trek three hockey bags to the arena for the homeschool hockey league action fun.

Each Friday afternoon’s square on our family calendar, since the end of September 07 has been devoted to the sport of ice hockey, a sport where all players were given the incredible opportunity of plenty of ice time, scores of new hockey drills, and skills for playing a game at the end of each session, or the fun chance of a challenging game against a school league upon occasion.

The younger age group had twenty players on the ice and sharing the bench when split into teams - the older group had similar player counts, but a few dads joined in the fun today.

Live action was plentiful, and bench action was competitive (and loud!) when all began cheering for their team towards the final finish and the sound of the buzzer’s ring.

What could be more fun for a person who loves the game of ice hockey? There was plenty of action, plenty of hockey on ice time and all had a blast!

His chance to be the goalie for the older kids.

Today was the day to celebrate a tremendously beneficial hockey season, and to also pay tribute to a few men who gave of their time with great generosity for the sole benefit of the children wanting to play the game for the love of it.

Just in time for more snow heading our way tonight...

Not to be undone, the cheerleader
section wanted to celebrate too.

Thank you to the main hockey dad coach! Thank you to the dad helpers and men who played with the big teens today giving them a real run for their skating! Thank you to the parents! Thank you to the great group of players! Fifty-five pieces of cake were happily consumed by the hard working hockey devotees, at least those wanting to celebrate with our family this day.


To a GREAT hockey season!

Hip hip hooray!