Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Renovations Part 1

Renovations - Part 1

He was eager to oversee all the action,
however the
children and I
left for much of the day.

A few renovations in our home are now very recently complete. Last Friday while I drove the children to their piano lessons, and later on celebrated our final day of homeschooling hockey, men were entering and exiting from our home, working on my hubby’s newest directed project desires.

My husband has been a long suffering kind of guy, living with the aesthetic dilemma of having purply-pinkish kitchen countertops, and two bathrooms with the same counters to match. It was enough to move into this home and have to paint the entire house because all of the walls were some shade of purple or pink, even our bedroom, and the men folk weren’t thrilled about such an overbearingly feminine domain! However, the time was now at hand, he'd had enough, and finally it was time to commence with the detailing of renovating these areas of his manly disdain.

The purply-pink countertops had to go.

I’ll share the two bathrooms first with you, and then the completed kitchen on another day because it’s not exactly where I want to take a photo yet, one thing is still incomplete (new stools, where oh where to buy them?) in there to give you the overall effect of the changes. Wink

First up, the two bathrooms - the master ensuite, and the main upper floor bathroom. Yes, both bathrooms’ walls were a lovely shade of pink, (can you say BRIGHT?) and both were quickly repainted before moving in the house.

To please my hubby I decided since we love the thought of living near the seashore, and being close to the water’s edge at any given time of year, why not choose a Cape Cod blue for the wall color of choice in our master ensuite. As for the other bathroom, the walls remain a nice neutral beige color….for now.

The purply pink countertops were a nuisance, but we have survived just fine to date. As time has passed though, my hubby began to notice two of the bathrooms (yes, the ones with the purply pink counter tops!) had a variation on the wooden doors and drawer fronts. In fact, they began to sag and were becoming more and more difficult to shut, overlapping a wee bit at the center closure points.

Do they come cheaper by the dozen?

(Old doors needing replacement because they are defunct!)

Back in January we entered into the world of another home reno project with terrific enthusiasm, beginning with a visit to the cabinet maker's showroom, the original creator’s of our entire house’s cabinetry. We gathered a few samples to bring home, filled to the brim with great ideas to venture into ‘other’ territory of change, as we promptly decided something in the kitchen just never seemed right to us before. Our center island was installed backwards for some reason, perhaps the desires of the previous owners, but definitely not a mistake of the cabinet company’s because once they saw it, they too thought it strange. Ah-ha, we were not the only ones!

(The center island was backwards for some reason with the center island eating area at the back in the way of the refrigerator door opening abilities, and we wanted it turned around!

**Gemma, see your painting for Grandpa on the dishwasher?

See how it doesn't work well without enough room behind the eating area?

Okay, back to the bathrooms here. We also discovered something unusual shortly before our countertop renovation plans took shape. For some reason the previous owners also decided upon the most inexpensive cupboard doors and drawer fronts, on purpose more than likely to save a few dollars which isnt' a bad thing when frugality is near the helm of any decision, but, they were so cheap, the cabinet company discontinued producing them shortly afterwards because they weren’t standing up to the wear and tear expectations for a family home. Therefore, we were not totally weird here again, not only were the countertops now having renovation detailing, so too were the doors and drawer fronts now. Uh boy. My hubby never is one to do things simple, always a big job!

Our selections were determined jointly by both hubby and I, and afterwards all we could do was wait until such time as the big moment arrived, which was last Friday. Without much notice, somehow all trades involved were able to make the date(s).

Would we like it in real life? Would we like those wee little samples in such expanded form all over the area? Oh sheesh! Oh darn! - Too late!

New countertops for the two bathrooms


Main bathroom

Both bathrooms were given a new look, incredible changes for us but we love them both!

The countertops are now a matted and glossy mixed finish, and the wood is now an antique white finish. The room will be painted, you will have to wait and see for that picture.


(former owners before...before we painted!)

Before - US!


(Note we got rid of the bright (sunglasses were necessary to enter) pink walls, but we still have a pink shower curtain.)

To be continued...in part two.