Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snowy days

Snowy Days

The snowstorm warnings increased over the past 48 hours, though continually changing its arrival time. The storm was expected to last 36 hours, and to begin yesterday. Like many days in the east, the snow never came when expected, though often the weather forecasting is usually correct and we heed its warnings.

The phone above was taken at dawn yesterday morning, and you may note the last snowfalls' landscape still on the ground. It's a definite fooler for everyone in this family however, especially with the blue skies, the bright sun glowing upon us, and the warmth of -10 degrees C when we fling open all the windows in the house to bring in the fresh air. Yes, we have become acclimatized to the thermometer readings, as the wintry dryness creates a feel of more warmth than the western wet-to-the-bone chill we were used to before.

This morning we rose and noticed a light dusting of snow had fallen through the night, but it wasn't too terribly to hop in the vehicle and take our son for his morning newspaper deliveries, hoping to assist him with the wind beginning to whip up and freeze a face in a few seconds flat. Mission accomplished, we headed home again, no problem.

Still anticipating the snowstorm's approach, we decided to head off to the local grocery store and stock up on a few items before it arrived, also visiting the local video store for storm relief possibilities.

Within a short period of time, it was as though the storm suddenly appeared and reared its ugly head.

"It's Here!"

And with that, we headed towards home, complete with a white knuckled drive to the finish line inside our dry garage door threshold.

Once we stepped through the doorway in the house, we marvelled after noticing almost every window was snowflake decorated, so much so, I grabbed my camera to take a few photos. We are bunked up, toasty warm near both fireplaces, quite happy to be home again, and prepared for whatever is to come over the next 24 hours or so. Yippee Skippy!

And so it continues...snowy days are still upon us!