Monday, March 03, 2008

Nutrition for families

Nutrition for families

Are you staying ahead of your winter health woes by eating right, and getting all your nutrients required for a healthy chance at winter’s cold and flu season?

Are you making a family food menu each week and checking it twice for what the quality of the meal delivery will be?

Do you have a hubby who can cook?

Teens who can assist in the kitchen?

Are you cooking up hearty winter meal fare

and providing proper nutrition for your family?

Are you including lots of greens in your diet?

Go ahead, here's a big tip from me...

Grab a pretty glass and become a "Stem girl".

Go for the addition of delicate jewels to decorate its base.

Think of those antioxidants in your drink!

Fill it up, sip it slowly and think of summer!

Juice does a body good.