Friday, March 28, 2008

Sharing with those in the West

Welcome Spring

(...ah, I think?)

It came as quite a surprise yesterday when large white flakes of snow began to fall on the ground in the later afternoon, continuing into the evening, covering all the landscape as far as one could see with its warm woolen wintry white blanket. Knowing we have recently ushered in the spring season, one had to wonder what in the world was going on here.

Those in the west I happen to have conversations with yesterday (while the snow was falling to pay its chilly respects to us here in the east), seemed to snicker about the topic at hand. Never one to be too bold (wink), and just for all you "Westerners", I am gloating (sorry, rather grinning greatly!) and eager to share a few scenes from our simply stunning and splendid day today after the fact.

I have to tell you as I observed the sun climbing higher and higher this morning, the promise of a great day seemed to be upon us, and it was. Naturally as temperatures climbed above zero celsius, the children thought we had welcomed a wee bit of tropical weather outdoors, thinking it was time to remove their coats while playing in the fresh crisp air. I might add here; warm to the children turned out to be a mere 3-4 degrees C (upper 30s F), nothing more, so the sunshine really was fooling us all! Nevertheless, it felt fabulous and inviting to fling open the windows, allowing plenty of fresh air to circulate throughout the house. In addition, as the snow on the ground began to melt, we noticed the bulk of it had already disappeared by the early afternoon today. Best of all though, we were thrilled to have the sun's glow visit us indoors, offering to not only warm our home, but also our very souls.

It’s a funny thing really, (almost hysterically funny) because now I am beginning to brag a bit due to the fact we were informed the west was plummeted with their own snowy dusting today, accompanied by pleasant (brrrrr) winds and a chill factor to regress into wintry cold temperatures over there.

Now tell me. Come on, be honest (laugh), would you rather have your weather, or ours? (LOL)

Oh, and too bad you weren't here to sing along with all the birds near our open windows throughout the day today! hee hee

Is this you?

"Some people are making such thorough
preparations for a rainy day that they aren't
enjoying today's sunshine".

~ Unknown