Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Renovations Part 2

Renovations - Part 2

This is part two of our recent home renovation project. You can and should read Part one first by clicking HERE and then you'll have some idea what I'm talking about in this post today.


Master bathroom

Our chosen countertops are not exactly neutral to most people, but everyone working in our home on these renovations loved the choices, and guess what, they were all men! Anyway, all that matters in the end, is the fact they are what *we* like (smile), a color to offer more of that wondrous "beauty of the sea" coloring to create a relaxing bit of oasis and a peaceful environment for us.

The cupboard doors were my hubby’s idea (the guy thing you know, he had to have one!), choosing a much darker wooden door fronts, matched exactly to our bedroom furniture, so all would “flow” from one room to the other (he is an artist, so this becomes a serious matter if it’s not just so).

Little details postponed the final production; wrong doorknobs, no holes drilled in the new cupboard fronts or drawers, items such as those. We still have the wrong knobs in our master ensuite, they are supposed to be a burnished copper to match the lighting fixtures in there, soon though all will be complete for good. The photos show silver knobs, so you'll have to imagine them with the copper ones for now. smile

Tell me what you think…


(former owners before)

Before and During for us

I'd love to have your thoughts on what I could enhance this new decor with, especially for the huge center of the counter area. Your thoughts? Please feel free to comment and offer advice, I'm all ears.


My hubby wanted the bathroom cupboards to match the furniture in our bedroom, and our picture frame of our wedding day...all the same now.

What a nice effect it is! (I think my photos aren't showing the beautiful wood coloring enough in these photos, so feel free to click onto them for a larger visual.)

Maybe this renovating stuff all sounds so very simple to some who read this post, however I'm hear to tell you it was quite a huge job. Not only did all the countertops have to be cleared off, every top shelf inside of every cupboard had to be emptied. Since every sink, the dishwasher and garburator were being removed temporarily while the countertops were being replaced, every cupboard under each sink was also in need of empty space for the plumber to complete his work. Count them! FIVE sinks in all…two per bathroom and the kitchen.

One of the many "holding places".

When the electrician was working here, the electrical outlet in the kitchen island needed to be rethreaded through the wooden floors, and rerouted to the opposite corner of the now turned island, requiring movement between two floors. Watching electrical drills in motion make me smile, because I know all the sawdust and shavings need to be cleaned up afterwards. The biggest duty of all was when the carpenter cut the new sink holes through the new countertops, and then made all of his adjustments at the rear of a few counter edges to balance them against the walls, or in the case of the bathrooms, along the floor near or into the moldings. Oh joy! I could see that cloud of sawdust float through the air, and get up inside of every single cupboard.

The now turned island center is being reinstalled.

Isn’t spring-cleaning just around the corner anyway? Gotta remain positive right? What perfect timing for our "Holy Week" clean up around our home!

The whole gang will be rolling up sleeves and pitching in! Begging for mercy once the carpenter headed up to the bathrooms, I pulled my hubby aside and made him promise me the doors to each bathroom would remain closed for any cutting, especially with our bedroom nearby. It would become a serious medical issue for him to have all that dust floating around and getting into our bedding. I urged him to use caution, wear a mask himself if necessary, and he was able to cut a deal with the carpenter to shut the door…at least he was able to contain him in the master ensuite, well as best as could be, but not in the other. The lovely fine sawdust floated all over the hallway and down the stairwell and into other rooms. Oh goodie, more things to make brand new just like the countertops…smiling.

In progress. The island center now has a serving bar on the proper side, one which will house four tall bar stools with back support.

To come.....grin.

Oh, and then there was the garage which become a work station for more sawing when an actual sawmill seemed to be set up and in session. Next week, we will empty the garage, wash up one of the vehicles and call it a detail well done.

On the bright side, I loved greeting workers before eight in the morning, bed made and cheery as can be. With coffee in hand I was tempted to crawl into one of my children’s beds. Instead of one long day, we woke and prepared on Friday, Saturday and Monday, greeting the clock’s alarm sounding our names but almost begging for mercy after long nights of cleaning up and reorganizing things back into cupboards slowly but surely.

We did prepare in advance for lunch meals. I grabbed my electric toaster oven and made a central station in another bathroom not being used, and we celebrated the renovation work with grilled cheese sandwiches last Friday, accompanied by nacho chips and fresh fruit! The warm sandwiches were so delectable and our daughter had the honor of cooking for the family "in the bathroom"!

We are all so pleased with the results, truly I am not complaining…just finding something to laugh about now.

Can you hear the birds singing outside? It must be spring right around the corner...

Simple rewards at the end of a hard day's work!

...More to come of the kitchen, stay tuned!