Sunday, March 16, 2008

When cabin fever strikes...

Take a family drive!

Cabin-fevered family members
needed a Sunday drive today.

Our weather was simply remarkable today, still cool with snow on the ground and our first of the morning began with a light dusting of fluffy flakes, covering the ground anew with a lovely white blanket. Accompanying it was a sun so brilliant, it glowed and bounced off the white snow to brighten up a winter’s day and place a smile on anyone’s face. It captured out attention when a gorgeous blue sky developed overhead, once the puffy snow clouds dispersed from sight. It was one of those days when a bit of cabin fever warranted a Sunday drive later in the afternoon, just because everything appeared so spectacular outdoors and we had to get out and embrace it all.

Our family continued our Palm Sunday activities as best we could today, by completing the second part of our journey through Salvation history with the viewing of “Jesus of Nazareth. Our VHS copies were viewed so often through the years, they were almost worn out, and we noticed the first part is still missing (Adam?). This year necessitated a brand new copy in DVD, so I suppose we’ve actually upgraded towards improved technology.

This particular film is so moving, so profound; it takes three sittings to complete all six hours worth and absorb it all. We began the first part last Sunday, and will complete the final viewing on Good Friday, followed by the “Way of the Cross” together.

As we all visited in our family library just a while after our movie viewing, the sun was shining through the window and we had to shield our eyes during times to prevent us from squinting.. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos of children sitting nearby having a good time together.

Since our older son was partaking in a hockey playoff game today, the first of three to decide winning statistics for the entire league and since our youngest daughter was still contagious, it was a no-brainer we weren’t going to all be able to attend as planned initially. When my hubby prepared to take the older ones out to the game, the younger ones and I decided it was time to venture out for the drive as promised by mother, however our young daughter required confirmation first to assure her we would not stop for the public to see her spotty face. I assured her all would be well, and of course, it was with the exception of driving through the local McDonald's ordering booth. It is there our Sunday Lenten treat became a "shamrock milkshake" in honor of "St. Patrick's Day" tomorrow! Got yours yet! They are gone after tomorrow! Yummy!

In honor of "St. Patrick's feast day" tomorrow, yum!

One quick stop through a drive-through,
and one quickly snapped photo outside of
our yummy treats for the rest of the drive!

The day beckoned us to the water’s edge, a frozen mass of sculpted ice and sand awaited us there. Imagine this was all Caribbean blue water not long ago, and will be again soon. But the beauty of the sea is just as fine when frozen solid on a winter’s day, believe me!

A frozen mass of sea, a lovely wintry scene.