Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good versus Evil

Good versus Evil

The story of conflict between good and evil will always be a classic centered theme. It is deeply ingrained within everything I can think of, from children's cartoon shows, pop culture, classical literature, movies are loaded with situations to consider which side of the fence to hover upon, and certainly it appears in abundance in almost every capacity, accompanying us along our journeys through real life.

We know the focus of good and evil can appear in many forms, anything from personalities clashing, ideologies butting heads, philosophical and spiritual reasonings differing, and the list grows and grows. Good versus evil is a constant saga, often times challenging a heart to triumph over an inner area of deep moral conflict with oneself.

I see continued growing conflicts over good and evil appearing right before my very eyes, often brewing up a battle on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis when the children's imaginations run wild, when they hop on over to the dress up clothes and someone is always forced to become a distasteful warrior or simply - the "bad guy".

I remember when our daughter would come home crying because she was always told by the other two little girls down the road, she had to play the "Beast" and never "Beauty". (grin)

From very young ages, I noticed when reading the children fairy tales, there was always a plethora of good versus evil plots to unravel along with the youngsters. Aesop sure knew what he was doing when he wrote his "moral of the story" tales didn't he? With the main thrust of "good versus evil" story lines, one can't help but feel targeted with issues of morality continually venturing to the forefront, lessons are learned (we hope) when confronted with them.

J.R. Tolkien's games are loaded
with "Good versus Evil" plots.

I see this very topic permeating throughout my son's classic literature themed hobbies, where there are strong elements of good versus evil represented within all of J.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" games, those using mini figures and learning of their characters along the way. Such works of fantasy literature usually seem to present topics where the good always prevails, and the evil enemy is overcome by a higher force of good.

Painting in progress

As pesky as some of the toys are in children's meals from fast food restaurants, these "super ugly" monsters appearing of late from the movie "Spiderwick" came in handy with our son's vast growing collection of mini figures he's painted to date. He and his friends gather often to re-enact the games, so two of these green goblin creatures will come in handy.

In my opinion however, I only have to look at the guy to see "icky", and hopefully when it comes to the topic of good versus evil, our children will have enough ability over time to enable them to continue using discernment to see how "good versus evil" plots should always turns out.

This week is Holy Week and as we enter into the Octave of Easter, with the Last Supper appearing first in the Tridium this evening, let us remember the appearance of good versus evil is evident during Our Lord's entire walk to Calvary. However - lucky for us, we definitely do know the end of this triumphant story. Alleluia!