Friday, April 17, 2009

April Shower of photos 2009 - # 7


Why not just indulge in the beauty of these springtime floral again today.

Tulips are the type of floral allowing us only a few days to grant them full admiration until the petals are fully opened and wide showing the profuse of yellow stamens inside ready to burst open and sprinkle their dusting onto the table top surface below.

The petals themselves very soon begin to offer such heaviness that their stems droop and sway from the vase openings, arcing downward within a few short days.

I always marvel over just how short of a duration they are able to grace our homes for, a springtime loveliness truly blessing us with the season's beauty from the garden. Each season offers us special gifts and no doubt with these flowers continually returning each year, they continue to offer us an explosion of pastel colors in springtime only.

Tis the season to enjoy them wholeheartily.