Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Shower of photos 2009, #18

Spring hockey gear shuffling

Spring hockey 3 on 3 play time for this young man

He hasn't played any ice hockey since last year, with the only exception being the fun play he enjoyed at our local outdoor ice arena.

This young man of ours has expressed a deep desire to enter more formally into this sport by requesting to be registered in minor hockey levels for this fall. As a preseason game refresher and for the purpose of getting into fine preseason physical shape again, we found a fun 3 on 3 league for him to participate in, once weekly, but the catch is it begins tonight and runs until the third week of August. His father and big brother are in charge of this scheduled activity, so it's a "guy event" around here every Tuesday night.

In the photo our son is shown along with my hubby as he begins trying on all of his gear and realizing how much he has grown, hence the bulk of it is now too small. It's a good thing to have older "hockey-loving siblings" who have also outgrown their gear, so a real shuffling and sorting through the family's hockey gear stash was in due order to ensure in advance that he would be all packed and ready for this evening's game time.

We also found out he no longer had hockey sticks worth using on the ice, and the fallout from loving outdoor arena play on a rough surfaced rink was a result of terribly dull hockey skate blades involving and "extra charge" for sharpening from the damage on them.

With solid check marks on the to-do list in place for assurance of acceptable and ultra safe-fitting gear, new hockey sticks in tow, his own hockey tape to hold up his socks in his bag, hockey helmet adjustments corrected, and he is now at last (drum roll) good to go and so very excited to get out on the ice tonight.