Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Showers of photos 2009, #11

On his nightstand...

Looky what we found on the weekend! tee hee

In case you might be tempted to follow along on the trail of my *a-ha* thoughts with unspoken words about how thrilled I was to find this magazine in the photo above, just looky - looky at what the children and I found in secret this past weekend!

It was quietly placed and still remains resting on my hubby's nightstand, ready for him to peruse through during his few days of rest and relaxation from his routine work schedule.

Notice his loyal helper working on an assignment
  • Maybe he'll find a recipe or two, maybe not.
  • Maybe he'll just find a few tips to use in the kitchen.
  • Or maybe he'll find humor in the chef corner writings where they share their experiences working in large restaurants.
You have to believe me here;
He's getting REAL good at this!
(twice baked potatoes, cheese sauce and garlic roast beef)

Whatever might be sandwiched within its covers, maybe my hubby will just enjoy it cover to cover for the simple pleasure of it all. That's what we were banking on when we found it.Perhaps I should begin browsing for subscription information for the future perhaps?