Monday, April 06, 2009

April Shower of photos - # 2

And now folks, something totally unbelievable! The sun disappeared. It's not raining but there's SNOW all over the place again!
  • I spent a better part of last week gardening, snipping and trimming all the shrubs in my new front flower gardens close to the front of the house.
  • We cleaned out the garage, took the bicycles out and placed them into the outdoor rack.
  • We removed all my saved potted plants, those carted from our last house to this one in the hope of planting them here in the spring.

Today we woke to SNOW, lots of snow! THIS was supposed to be "tree cutting day" around our property, the day when the arbor barbers appeared to trim and remove dangerous trees from around our home. So far, they haven't showed. Can we blame them?

Can you believe this? The wind has appeared as I type this up, the trees are beginning to dance and sprinkle their snow offerings all about.

Oh well...better snow than rain I say!