Monday, April 06, 2009

April; True to form

Not only is it the usual "true to form" that April Showers do bring along May flowers, the rain last Friday evening rid us of much snow and then, the glorious sun appeared high in the sky, in the blue fluffy clouded sky I might add, and mother here decided to gather everyone outdoors for a little photo opportunity as soon as we arrived home from Palm Sunday mass on Sunday morning.

My mother arrived from Vancouver last week to visit with us for a bit. Long story, she had to use a canceled flight ticket from last year when things didn't work out for her to visit and travel to my cousin's wedding in Florida with me then. The airline declared the end of March the deadline to reschedule the visit because it's not one year from the time of flying, rather one year from the time of purchasing the ticket, so end of March it had to be. We were highly disappointed at first, hoping for warmer and better weather. So far, so good though as we cruise about on our little adventures, exploring together new found areas within my new community. It's been like a breath of fresh air having her here, distracting me from the tense stresses in life and forcing me to resume a recovery into something normal again. Love you mom!

My oh my! That sun was so bright!

Taking photos with the bright light in our faces wouldn't allow for too many great shots without someone having much difficulty squinting, or having to close their eyes. As in most outdoor photos, we ensured my hubby kept his glasses on the entire time for he has trouble at the best of times keeping his eyes open for a photo. :-) A few here had tremendous issues with the light, others (my hubby) could keep his eyes closed and no one would even know.

Finally we were able to catch a few decent ones....

Don't we look hilarious!

Me and my purse no one would hold and both of us bowing down to wearing our sunglasses due to the blinding sunlight.
Tell me, do YOU really think our eyes were open under those shades?
hee hee