Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Showers of photos 2009, #13

Freezer Blessings!

Buying turkeys on sale after a holiday blitz really allows for stretching the family food budget. It also allows for time saving future meal making blitzes when time permits to use the remainder of the leftovers and cook up extra food fare in advance. Freezer blessings fast becomes an instant bonus when extra busy days leave little moments around the dinner hour for creating timely meals, or when the mood strikes to just go ahead and skip the effort by using what we already have handy. Making meals in advance and using what we have in our food stock is a good thing, right?

My "chef" hubby donned his new "wild B.C. salmon apron" my parents gave him, and went to work the day after the last turkey was cooked up, the same day after the broth was created with flair and boiled up to meld the flavors, also the same day after all of the extra leftover turkey was segregated for future meals and placed into savory turkey pot pies. Oh baby!

Here is a glimpse of a few of the freezer blessings from one work blitz in our kitchen, for use down the road when all the yard work increases and many hours of outdoor laborious tasks take hold of our afternoon hours and when making dinner necessitates mixing up something in a jiffy for the starving family.

Thank you my chef hubby. You just keep up your new found hobby now, with my blessing. (wink, wink)