Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter in our home

Happy belated Easter to all!

For some unknown reason this past week, our internet satellite has decided to produce snail slithering movements which have allowed for only very painful internet browsing moments.

Perhaps it was the freakish snow storm granting us a surprise of six inches last Monday morning and the snow which continued to fall for two days right when most local folks had recently removed their snow tires. Perhaps it was the wind howling through our forest of trees, allowing them to sway back and forth and become a blockage in the satellite receiver's reception. Who knows for sure, but it seems to be tiptoeing back up again today, so that is something to celebrate.

Dreaming of a white Easter?

Amidst the hubbub of internet interruptions, it's amazing how life still flows and each day presents priority shuffling of some sort and moments of deep reflection begin to offer answers to nagging problems.
  • With the fresh snow fall, the tree cutters weren't able to remove the trees from our property tagged earlier last month.
  • The fence people weren't able to tweak their various quotes for our "horse" fencing along one side our property to connect to the other existing fences.
  • The window washers I was really excited about having over were going to shine up the glass in each outer window pane, mostly to clean them, but also to let the sun shine in. They weren't working either, something obviously more trivial than the rest.
  • Brown slimy leaf raking had begun, many bags filled in the hope of clearing out the mounting leaf buildup from under the front tree area near the roadway. With the surprise snowfall hitting us hard, our spring cleanup efforts seemed lost again, all hidden from sight by the new buildup of snow.
Before the snowfall we began the spring cleanup, and of course the interior of our home has had nothing but organizational duties since our move here four months ago, so it's definitely always nice to have a clean home when Holy week arrives. Especially when the windows are clean because it allows us brand new lenses to see the beauty of this liturgical feasting time and all it means for us individually in the end.

Pretzels for Good Friday

Our famous pretzels left an aroma flowing all over the house, ready for us on Good Friday last week when our daughter prepared a batch to nibble on.

praying arms...

We spent time together watching the epic movie called; "St. Peter" played by Omar Shariff. He was perfect for the part, his eyes always filled with emotion. In fact the entire moview was filled with a dramatic epic presentation lasting well over three plus hours offering an amazing Biblical account on the lives of St. Peter, St. Paul and all of the chosen Apostles in their relationship to Jesus.

We had never seen this particular movie before and just like our usual "Jesus of Nazareth" movie watched yearly, this one is SO (!) worth owning and reviewing yearly also. The tenderness displayed by St. Peter and his humility were so well acted out, there were parts in the movie where one required a tissue to dab leaky eyes. Martyrs of the faith abound, and this movie is highly recommended for your own family viewing. I'm not sure yet where to purchase it. My mother brought it over with her when she was here visiting with us so I'll have to get a surfs up on the internet to buy our own family copy. **(since found it on Amazon, and have a live link to it on the name above)

My husband requested he be the one to fulfill the weekend menu planning but decided to keep the bulk of it a secret from me this time. He even kicked us all out of the kitchen!

Easter morning he and his loyal helper surprised us with just enough food fare to be satisfying knowing a big turkey dinner was also in the works for later in the day. And boy oh boy, that cranberry stuffing was somethings else!

My Chef husband blessed us with his "secret" menu

His "secret" recipes are beginning to have us all in suspense around here and can you just imagine being shuffled out of your own kitchen because someone has taken it over? Yes, I will have to adjust to life as I begin to live with my newly discovered "Chef" husband.

His famous mini chocolate egg hunt proceeded and was thoroughly enjoyed by the younger children, but the older ones decided not to partake of the fun this year. They are just way too cool for this stuff, but later complained they never got a fair share of chocolate themselves to chow down. Oh darn. I guess they really should've hunted for eggs too huh? LOL

Plenty of florals have graced our tables this week because both my husband and I had the same idea when shopping separately (you know, he for his groceries and my for mine...wink), bringing home a plethora of pastel colored beauties for a loveliness like none other.

Our younger son was so very pleased to be scheduled as altar server during the Easter Tridium weekend. He was able to serve twice, learning many new responsibilities for Good Friday traditions on the altar. He can hardly wait to be called upon again, feeling honored to do so.

Honored to serve

Our traditional egg tree took a turn this year without psanky eggs hanging from the usual forsythia branches. The surprise snowfall didn't allow for any budding branches to include in this usual Easter table festivity, so we had to improvise slightly using our Ikea tree instead. Still, all is well here, something new in the decor department.

Trusting you too were filled with grace and blessings this past weekend. Happy Easter.

How *was* your Easter?