Monday, April 06, 2009

April Shower of Photos - 2009

I'm late, I'm late, I'm very, very late to join in the April Shower of Photos challenge sponsored by SV Mari Hal-O-Jen again this year. I was thrilled to find Jen's post with the invitation for joining in this year's fun photo challenge and it's been on my mind to get rolling out of the gate with this project all through this past week.

Somehow, life happened (isn't it strange how that is?) and with an out of town guest visiting, a road trip newly survived and my husband formally back to work after his seven week hospital stay, my fervent prayer and deepest desire is for something akin to "normal" to hit home again.

My first few photo entries were snapped while out on a recent evening date with my hubby at a coffee shop, photos that remind me of what the month of April usually stood for in Vancouver on the Westcoast after living there most of our lives.

April Showers bring May flowers....

It's not only true that "April showers bring May flowers", there is often so much rain, the skies are dark gray and when the sun does begin to shine again, showing the promise of Spring, everyone flocks outdoors to catch those rays.

True to form, and in true Vancouver-style we experienced April showers last Friday. Much of our recent snow was washed away, and then the sun did shine all weekend long. With this little vignette in mind then, I will cheat (yes I will! LOL) and place my first April Shower challenge photos to catch me up, well sort of.... grin, grin, grin

I so enjoyed participating in this photo challenge last year, and again, my hat is tipped to Jen for offering this yet again. Let the challenge begin!

Can you see us both in the photo?