Thursday, April 30, 2009

Junior Chef in Training

Junior Chef - Cookie Guard
"Can I make some peanut butter cookies today?"

This is one busy kitchen helper/baker/cook to keep an eye on. When an idea strikes him, he takes off soaring about to create a feast for all to enjoy. Perhaps he's had a great example to follow the footsteps of his master cook father in recent months, and no doubt that can be the case here today.

Not only did he bake up a batch of tempting and warm peanut butter cookies, he also insisted on making everyone lunch just after the noon hour.

With an opened can of tuna and another opened can of crab, he set about making a seafood food fare that left me wondering and (quaking) as I sat spellbound by his enthusiasm for his surprising and nutritious meal making in my kitchen.

All those lessons learning about Canada's food guide pyramid has led me to believe he was really listening and comprehending the whole sense of good nutrition. Not only did he have his protein covered in this meal, he also added a few frozen peas, broken bits of hard corn tortillas, ripped up bits of romaine lettuce and dessert decorations graced the outer rims of this lunchtime meal with an abundance of cookies present to delight all. A fruit smoothie shake made with milk accompanied for a balance of protein, vegetables, breads, dairy and fruit. Oh, and anyone for dessert at the same time?

He knows presentation is everything according to his Chef Daddy, so with his creation in the photo above, isn't this a most interesting & appealing meal?