Monday, May 18, 2009

Fairy fun in springtime

After posting about a "thankful item" on a previous post, the one that contained a photo of a secret garden fairy noticed at the garden center recently, I promised to be back with the inspiration-induced craftiness on the part of our daughter.

My oh my! She is simply delighted and so eager to get her hands on crafty items once again, at least now that her mother (moi) has finally unpacked and organized the craft supply boxes.

Each little fairy has its own unique flair, even the sweet little bobblehead babies in the wee baskets, stolen from the dollhouse (MY dollhouse!).
All the colorful flower petals, threads, beaded heads, wire, paint and more were included in a sweet "Klutz" craft kit.

Klutz craft kits; fantastic resources for your children

A wire spiral bound book also included in the kit came with examples and ideas for making even more fairy beauties.

How about a bride?

How about a princess?

It's all there in one kit, everything so handy for a craft session moment. Now the subject becomes where to purchase more petals... Any ideas anyone?