Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She's doing "Just Fine" everyone

Bringing my mother in law home with me for a visit has allowed her to see first hand what our new home and community is like for us. My hubby and her have shared moments in the kitchen, though both have promised not to overdo it in there.

During the afternoon, she was awarded an extra special award from the small ziplock baggie of stickers I promptly forgot to leave behind in the west for my grandchildren. Happily she wore her sticker all day long, and thought it very cute to keep adhered to her sweater

She was CAUGHT being GOOD! :-)

Together my hubby and his mother both slowly puttered and through their efforts we were able to indulge in the BEST dish of Indonesian Bahmi this past Sunday evenings, so incredibly zesty with freshly ground ginger and hot spicy with chopped fresh red peppers. Ooh-la-la
Never fear all in the west, Grandma is doing "just fine" over here..in the east.