Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun with Nature #7

Our forest-like property continues to provide great explorations for everyone here. With the taller bramble of prickly scratchy thorns taking over a vast majority of the attempted rookie trail making, our efforts will soon require a better quality of machine to forge forth and really get them created for future nature walks.

New to us was a strange tri-leafed plant, who knew what until we found yellow flowers further along our trails.

Searching our handy wildflower identification book, we found out this was a "Trout Lily", also known as a yellow snowdrop, or yellow fawn lily. It looks like there are six petals but in fact there are only three split to look like six.

Wild Trout Lily

Just as the wild white trillium won't regrow once its picked due to the way the seeds are spread by ants, so too is this lovely flower's seeds dispersed the same way.

I was pleased to find out it is also a perenial, so it will regrow year after year upon our forest floor.
Meanwhile, there are little things each day to capture the attention of two little ones, be it critters, creatures, insects, possibilities or just one very slithery slimy green snake with an orange stripe down the center of his back who caused night time dreamy walks this past week.
I just love when something new inspires a few moments of childlike fun and this week this is what we found...

An arched tree to swing from of course, such a kid thing to do...

...and when the nature adventure was complete for the allotted time, two very happy children shouted; "Mom can we stay out here for a while?"