Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ten things I'm thankful for...

1 – I am thankful for being able to share the love of the water with my younguns. They adore seeking the solace of beach side visits, and accompany me often on a whim, without complaint.

2 - I am thankful for our new junior chefs in my kitchen who are self motivated to bless the family with their cooking desires.

3 - I am thankful for moments when everyone begins to unwind with good ole' fashioned games. Go Fish!

Celebration and Parish Family Fun

4 - I am thankful for liturgical feast days where many families come together to partake in feasting and celebrating. This is the month of May, the month dedicated liturgically in honor of Mary Our Blessed Mother, also the month of participating in (weather permitting) a May procession and crowning, made complete by sweet little girls tenderly holding stem flowers while processing towards prepared vases for culminating all the floral beauties they all hold in one spot at the end.

It's also one of the first months for a variety of informal and exciting parish picnics where meeting new people and enjoying some fresh spring air is always a bonus. The children/teens had a blast this year with the tractor rides and bow/arrow competitions. I was so relaxed this month at ours, I came home with only the photos above (I know, pathetic!).

5 - I am thankful for sweet ‘fairy’ surprises amidst nursery garden foliages, like this one above, the one that has motivated "fairy makers" in our home. Stay tuned!

6 - I am thankful for artsy-crafty-mommy moments again, like my favorite hobby (one of them anyway) of card making and rubber stamping.

7 - I am thankful for hand me downs, especially when sweet things become welcomed additions into little girl’s lives courtesy of older siblings. Talk about “Girl Power” here!

8 - I am thankful for my husband’s version of turkey noodle homemade soup. There nothing like it on a cool spring day, or during a few allergy sufferers worst moments in any given season!

9 - I am thankful for my super smelly lot of therapeutic grade essential oils, handy for a myriad of health benefits or just a delightful lift when wafting through the air while blowing out from my air diffuser. Believe me, there is nothing like the smell of fresh oranges to send us deep into spring, or a drop of lavender added to a batch of sheets in the washing machine. Mmmmmmm

10 - I am thankful for historical discoveries such as dated cornerstones on churches and buildings, something I find incredibly exciting and so very fascinating. The children groan each time I halt the vehicle to snap a photo, an impulsive action I can’t resist for immediate closer investigations, like this below. The date is 1896 and not 1996 as I was corrected on myself.

"and I say to thee;

Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church"