Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bye bye husqvarna

If you've been following our blog for some time, you will already know our former home sat upon three acres of grass with plenty of lawn mowing required weekly. Their zero turn husqvarna was included in the purchase of that home as the former owners were also moving and didn't require it any longer.

It took some time to figure it out without having the frustration of moving around in circles only, but eventually our teens took over and loved the speed and full sweep 42 inch cut it offered on "grass cutting" day. Eventually the idea visited to acquire a second lawn tractor for double duty mowing and both of our teens took over the lawn cutting duties for the most part each week, sometimes pretending they were racing one another on their trusty ATVs. The Husqvarna always won. In fact it could cut 1 1/2 more rows at the same time as the John Deere lawn tractor hands down.

Yesterday out teens were grieving because the ad in the for sale section located on the online classifieds yielded us over 98 inquiries within five hours! Golly it was a popular item and many claimed they would pick it up that day! One man even offered to trade for an almost brand new John Deere because a zero turn lawn tractor was a better option in his lawn care business.
The first man who came to view the machine bought it right there and never attempted to barter on the price. Obviously it was a good price then, but we are all content that it goes to another family - get this; who just moved to a three acre piece of property - all grass!

Bye bye Husqvarna!