Friday, May 15, 2009

So incredibly blessed!

A whirlwind now behind me, life rolls forward, flying by at the speed of sound to create head turns and moments of memorable smiles.

Life. It happens whether we are in it full steam or floating by on snail paced clouds. It becomes a magic carpet ride into the wild abyss of ‘yonder’, a place where young and old alike gather, on purpose and hope that whatever the tide that turns, all are in it for the same reason. Seldom are they. Seldom everyone unites in sync; however there are those blip sessions where hearts are magnetized together by the simplest gesture, thought, and hope or by shared dreams.

Life. It happens, like it or not. Gone is the past. Here is the present. How we live it tells the world what lay inside of us. Happy hearts become outwardly evident as we walk and journey along our roads and pathways to more wisdom filled days.

Very shortly after making my morning offering each day during my private prayer time, I often wonder if the great new day ahead will offer blessed moments to create a happy heart in me, or a walloping pout from the check list mentally and emotionally tabulated for the start gate jump into the beginning of the day when my feet soon hit the ground and it all begins to churn, like it or not. Or yes. I like it all. I live for each new day...for those memories I know I will always be able to capture and cherish, those culminating into vibrant sprinkles of hope from a life well lived despite the often many winding curves and danger signs lurking before me.

We in our home choose to live for the moment because health issues have demanded we “Seize the day” and create “Carpe Diem” memories, ever thankful for each new moment, for each new day and another chance to do better by getting outside of our own pitiful selves and into the wonderful possibilities of blessing others. “Pay it forward” with a smile at the very least and see how your day becomes likened to a field of the most exquisitely speckled blanket of colorful wildflowers surely even Monet would have halted to admire and gaze at.

What colors are in your field today? Mine are shiny, bright and playful, created for and by me from time unabashedly full and spilling over with heartfelt unexpected and/or stolen moments, those of our family members and friends living on the West Coast.

I had entered DEEP into Vancouver Canuck country with NHL playoffs in session

Where in the world is....Renee, one of my previous posts told you the story of how I was thrust into a sudden trip to Vancouver, B.C. for the purpose of tending to personal business ventures with short notice.

Naturally as the trip came more clearly into focus, my mindset wasn't so great but in time I knew I would forever cherish and hold captive what I would in hindsight return home with. These "things" I would bring home with me were not anything physically tangible to enable touch or grasp to remember them by, rather I would feel much permeating the depths within my very core of heart and soul. I was with loved ones and able to be present for a dear childhood friend's 50th surprise birthday party. How great was that to be there with her at such a time? (Love you Terrie!)

As I sit back home here in the east and recover after my return flight, the brain fog is creating a bit of haze with time zone changes and a wee bit of jet lag, I am ecstatic at the thought I’d spent blocks of time with those precious faces of people I adore and love with all my heart over there. Our four older children are adults in all ways, living lives of their own and evident to me is the fact our grandchildren are growing fast.

Please allow me a Nana bragging moment here folks...have to share with you these photos below...

Three generations; That would be me with my oldest daughter & oldest grand-daughter who is only six months younger than her auntie, our youngest daughter.

Two grand-daughters I was observing from a distance away. I loved their profiles and snapped this photo of them side by side. Can you just believe how big our youngest grandbaby is already?

Just loved her big toothy grin and being able to catch this grand-daughter's 7th birthday week

My hockey and soccer lovin' grandson always cracks me up.

This grand-daughter always melts my heart with her sweetness and yet the "sneaky" behind her beautiful smile

**Best of all folks; It was announced to us yet another Grandbaby is on the way. Baby news is always, always (!) good news here!

Listening is a given to ideas presented, offered and if advice sought – given in my humblest of motherly and caring ways. Beaming hearts lurked in friendly corners as this trip progressed, a trip for the record I had never wished to take considering the current health circumstances I would have to leave at home, the very one only booked three days before flying into the friendly skies on extremely short notice.

Blessings are abundant and occur in strange ways. This was a strange way to gather blessings, away from our four youngest children for “Mother’s Day”, but heh, when the plane touched down at the YVR airport, there were with the older four on the West Coast and other mothers who rank high at the top of my list of beauties and sweetness to celebrate with in person. I am a blessed woman. No doubt about it. I am, for I am blessed with lovelies near and far, absolute gifts from above.

What were the readings of the mass on Mother’s Day Sunday? James 1:17-21;

“Dearly beloved; Every best gift, and every perfect gift is from above; coming down from the Father of lights, with Whom there is no change, nor shadow of alteration...."

So true!

Like a horse at the starting gate, that was me in my sporty rental car just wishing to take off and get on with it already, the music blaring I wasn’t able to soften or change due to entry into traffic yields.

Peals of laughter hit me for a few moments before I began to compose myself. I wondered (for only a moment as my head was full of other stuff by then) just how loud the boom-boom really was outside of the vehicle. And what was THIS song I was listening to anyway? Sheesh. Whatever it was the windows seemed to be heaving in and out to the rhythm of the music. Tee hee

Soon the rain seemed to subside and the sun appeared, kissing me softly during my journey eastbound from the Vancouver airport. Telephone calls behind me to announce my safe journey arrival to family I’d left back home, other family members were soon summoned of my arrival.

I'm home again, sipping a hot cuppa and typing; Stay tuned for more.....