Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where in the world is .... Renee?

I am guilty of speaking in riddles late last week, hoping to give hints and tips to our older adult children of my pending and very suddenly(!) planned trip to the westcoast for business purposes. I love when these occasions arrive after the fact because although they are stressful ideals at the time they occur, the aftermath of coupling business and love of family is wonderful. Hectic, but oh so wonderful. Traveling alone, it was an opportune time to unwind and prepare for the whirlwind ahead.

I mentioned things like; flying high, soaring like an eagle, suggesting to our older daughter her our young grand-daughter might need assistance blowing out her candles today, telling another I can't wait to see her too and missed her more than she said she missed me, many assorted fun riddles and tips. For a bit there, things seemed to get funny with talk of waving hands in the air, burnt elves when I spelled old as olf to sound like an old elf, and more. Giggles were abundant on our facebook profiles, but still, no one clued in.

As I was soaring in the air, high above the clouds with a layover in Edmonton, Alberta for two hours, the flying part wasn't false information of course, but the "funnies" grew and grew.

It was a sad state of affairs to realize how much the swine flu scare has affected air travel after noticing how barren the Edmonton airport really was compared to the Toronto airport I left from earlier in the day.

Edmonton airport was unbelievably barren!

And then when arriving in Vancouver, dozens of people were wearing masks on their faces. Grabbing my bottle of oil of oregano, I dropped a few drops down my throat for its antiviral protection and jammed it back into my purse. It was a definite eye opener for any tourist to witness the scenes before me.

Landing in Vancouver I admired the beautiful airport terminal in the midst of much construction with its additional new wings before me. My luggage was on the turnstill before I arrived, a first in all of my flying experiences thus far for picking up luggage. This is normally the reason why we try only to have carry on luggage, but today was different. I had items to bring along and the suitcase was heavier than normal. Not having to lug it along with my computer bag on my shoulder and purse in hand, I felt free and more carefree not worrying about it anywhere I walked.

Additional wing construction at YVR but note the clouds

Taking a deep breath, and not enjoying the thought of arriving amidst great big billowy gray clouds and spitting rains, I headed straight for the rental car desk before zooming ahead in my fancy brand new sporty rental car to head for part one of surprises. I had to laugh as the stereo blarred, big bass from the previous renter no doubt, and I didn't have the ability to turn it down while yielding to the traffic pattern ahead. I felt like one of those kid cars with boom boom bass music and had a good laugh..if my kids could see me now. LOL I was rocking the streets of Richmond while heading to the freeway ahead.

As I sit and type this up, my own parents do not know I'm here yet, so I will casually slip into their pew at mass today next to them with a sneaky grin on my face. tee hee When I depart the area in a few days, I will leave once again with a wee pang in my heart as I bid my children, grandchildren and parents adieu but I will have sweet memories to savor deep in my heart, and be in good company with my husband's mother along with me for our flight home. She will be visiting with us in our new home the next while. Good times to feel double blessed.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

As it is still early here in the west and I find myself remaining on east coast timing, my mind is fully awake by 5am here. Today, I was very much wanting to rise early enough (and I did!) to bid all a blessed and happy Mother's Day.

I pray your day is grand, your family blessed in acknowledging your presence, and wish you God's blessings.