Friday, May 08, 2009

Fun with Nature #3

As the children go with their interests during our springtime science, there seems to be a buzz of action and a flurry of motion about me this week.

One of our favorite resources feels all new to these two for some reason, likened to a new season in the book favs, and they just can't get enough of each of the compilation of the six books within this covers.

Shouts of a shrilling joy filled the home as our son bounded into the home with his "new pet". He has named him "Phantom" and is in the process of providing a new home for him for observations and finding out how to feed him.

Mom, this is "Phantom", my new pet toad.

He dons a pair of my new garden gloves for the purpose of holding his new pet and was caught stroking his back with tender care.

The gloves were one set of six colorful ones recently purchased when the leaf raking duty would consume us to bits with row after row of leaf paper bags at the roadside. We counted 17 thus far and yesterday found out compost pickup in our area will not occur until May 25th. I'll try to capture a photo near the end as we continue our garden cleanup duties over the next week or more.

"Phantom" will be an ongoing project until its time to release him into the wilds once more. What a great learning curve this has been for our younger dear ones, a renewed learning desire has whet their appetites to the fullest. I need to find a way to tap into this energy so the math lessons can be completed in record time before they continue with their adventures outdoors. :-)

Even a couple of chairs are out for reading
their books for information on their "finds"

Meanwhile, the younger one's work space is capturing their deepest interests, and capturing their wildest fantasies (pet toad?) allowing for an extension of our science in ways unimagined thus far. Fun!
Meanwhile....the adventures of "Phantom" are to be continued...yes they are.