Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun with Nature #5

Further adventures on the grounds of our property this spring continue to yield many fun moments shared by all. Yesterday a snake two feet long crossed our path, and coiled up while hissing as we neared to observe it. We had a middle of the night creeper in our house when one of our younger ones wasn't able to shake the green slimy thing from her dreams. grin.. And, in my haste to grab my camera as I scooted out the door to see it, I snapped GREAT photos before I realized the memory card was not inside of it, rather still in the house. Any ideas on how to get the photos off my camera itself?

Our favorite resource book in the photo above is a hands-down family favorite keeper, a nature treasury of "take-along guides" once sold individually before fast becoming out of print. I was able to find a few of the individual books, in a mad sudden flurry, thrust into a wild search for more after appreciating just how child/mother friendly the content was. With the eye attraction of painted artistic images found on almost every page, and the font color and choice is super easy to read. Additional ideas offered to savor any educational appetite within each topic for further study, blank scrapbook pages are at the end of each book for placing any gathered photos or journal entries onto, keepsakes of study topic.

Treasures to behold appear everywhere!

When I first heard the publisher decided to produce a "treasury" of all the books, in no time at all, my Amazon purchase was in our mailbox.

In case you are interested in this Fun with Nature take-along guide treasury, it is sold for such a great deal at Amazon (click on link above to see), published by "Northwood Press" from Minnetonka, Minnesota, and all fabulous illustrations are by; Linda Garrow.

If you are so inclined to peruse upcoming flea markets, garage sales and used book stores or thrift shops instead, be aware you might pay more to gather individual copies, but maybe not, so here are the individual titles and authors for you to place on your "must have" book list. Maybe you'll be lucky and able to find them yourself for a "song price", and if so, do share your finds with me. I'd love to hear all about them.

Family friendly books for all nature lovers

Titles within are;
  1. Caterpillars, Bugs and Butterflies by Mel Boring
  2. Snakes, Salamanders and Lizards by; Diane L. Burns
  3. Frogs, Toads and Turtles by; Diane L. Burns
  4. Tracks, Scats and Signs by; Leslie Dendy
  5. Rabbits, Squirrels and Chipmunks by; Mel Boring
  6. Trees, Leaves and Bark by; Diane L. Burns
Boots; Our best friends these days
(Note the wild white trillium everywhere)

These boots are made for walking

As old mushy leaves continue to be raked up and bagged for next week's compost pick-up, assorted insects, beetles and other items of interest continue to appear. Treasures for some, now collectibles hoarded into our children's nature boxes for further observation and sketching in their private nature journal books.

This is science at its best, discovering the world around us but not moving outside of the perimeter of our own yard. Even my hubby is in on this, taking small treks around the property to take note of seasonal changes and small discoveries with us.

Notice the brambly prickles in this photo, ouch!

At a glance we have found this book to be a great bonus in our fun with nature studies, the book we reach for first before all others, AND we have a whole bunch of others here believe me.

Little treasures are uncovered and collected,
now placed in nature baskets

Nuts and nut caps everywhere!
We are loaded with treasure finds folks, just loaded...