Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day Floral Baskets

The joy of *May Day* surprises

What would May Day, the first day of May, be without making May Day baskets with goodies inside?

What would happen if eager children made many Mayday baskets and had no one living in our surroundings to sneak up secretly to hang them on doorknobs?

This year our children remembered their May Day festivities from last year and set out to repeat the crafty efforts.

One child's crafty love offerings for this year's "May Day"

Instead of making assorted paper flowers with a gentle mix of silk ones to stuff inside the paper cones, there was a vote taken to scoot on down the highway towards the newly opened garden nursery.
Who doesn't like the eye candy within a garden nursery

As in last year and every other year, I just LOVE visiting and loitering inside of greenhouse nurseries this time of year. The colorful floral displays, the multitudes of greenery and assorted garden accessory selections are tempting to any garden lover. Falling waters cascading downward to the pond below and wind chimes humming peacefully in the background give way to a dreamland getaway anyone can enjoy.

The children set out to find something suitable in the way of living florals to assemble for stuffing their cones. We had no wild or garden florals this year to select from at home, the garden nursery a great alternative for modifying possibilities. They wanted to include living florals, which in turn could be planted by the recipients, and with our weather not yet suitable for placing many annual florals outdoors, we opted for a selection of dainty pansies in assorted colors.
Pretty and so dainty aren't they?

They chose their colors

When we arrived home we took the kitchen scissors and cut each little section apart in the seedling container which became perfect in fulfilling the children's deep desire for giving out living florals.

Cutting up the seedling starter containers
to get individual unit flowers for each cone

Using tissue to assist with the floral cones

With a little watering, each choice of pansy was placed inside of tissue paper and fruit lollipops were poked inside of the dirt to offer a little sweet for each recipient as well as the florals themselves. Very cute!

Who wouldn't love to receive one of these?

Once each project was completed, the children assembled them together and have them all ready to present to some of the mothers and children in our parish church event tomorrow. What fun they'll have bringing them along to bless someone else. And who cares if they offerings are presented one day late, though surely with a little explanation everyone will surely understand their thoughtfulness with the conception of this entire crafty fun day here this "May Day".

Later this evening I ventured into my bedroom and found not one, but two May Day packages on my night table and my husband had two on his, one from each of the children for both of us. Awwwww.....

Happy Feast Day to Everyone!