Saturday, November 07, 2009

All Soul's Month

The month of November holds a plethora of emotions deeply dear to almost everyone I meet, for this is the month of all souls, the month we specifically pray and remember those who have come before us, our loved ones especially.

Living in the east it's always a sweet surprise to me when discovering many professionals and businesses who remember important dates within the Liturgical Year such as this one;

November 2 - The Feast Of All Souls day.

When I entered Michaels Craft store this week, I was blown away (grabbed my camera quickly!) when noting a lovely display in their entryway reminding all of "All Soul's Day" by way of signage placed inside their floral displays.

Forgive me but in my entire life, I've not seen anything like this before!

Graveyard visiting.....

Graveyards surrounding our general geographical area are currently dotted with colorful floral displays laid lovingly atop of beloved one's graves.

Most of all while taking a walk through small village graveyards this past week, we are once again reminded in a natural way we are all destined to be in such a place, someday, just as those souls who have come before us.
One can't help but be smacked with reality when carefully glimpsing graveyard tombstones and messages etched within them for all to see. What are your thoughts when you witness messages in your own local graveyards? Here are a few of mine;

  • What will my life's legacy be when I die?
  • Will I be remembered for my deep and passionate love of God in all things, and the love of my Catholic faith in the eyes of my children, our loved ones and all of our progeny?
  • Will my children and grandchildren really "get it" for just how my heart burns with love for them all, no matter what?
  • Will others recall with fondness my outgoing and funny sense of humor, often passing through generations to come those wild and crazy stories of this woman who walked through my life's adversities, chin up, looking for the silver lining in all things while always BELIEVING in the divine plan for me during my life's journey on earth?
  • Will I be in a state of grace at the time of my death?
  • Will I die a martyr's death?
  • Will others remember to pray for my soul?
  • Will I be quickly forgotten down the road when history becomes lost through the family's generations to come?

.... And hundreds more - all very deep questions no doubt.

"Watch therefore, for you know
neither the day nor the hour..."
~ Matthew 25: 13

One of the very old village graveyards is in the process of restoring gravestones of old, those from the early 1800's due to a moss growing on the concrete monuments and burial headstones. A few gravestones have yellow ribbons placed on them which are indicators for a good steel brushing and general overhaul cleaning.

I am in awe living in eastern regions where people actually remember such feast days and celebrate them in a public fashion.

Arriving in eastern parts of our country after living in the Pacific Northwest my entire life, where many varied cultures were all located, I have no vivid recollection of anything in our midst within business communities at large or from professional services. Here in the East, even our family's Chiropractor has a sign in his office reminding his patients of All Souls Month, with a poppy resting to the right side of it.


We also remember our veterans!

November 11th - Remembrance Day!
** Eleventh day, eleventh hour, eleventh minute...

We will be offering up moments of prayerful silence.

Eternal rest grand unto them,
O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May the souls of the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.