Monday, November 16, 2009

Canine Model

This is our husky, her name is "Sh'nook".

This is our golden lab, her name is "Shasta".

Our husky dog belongs to our older son, our yellow lab belongs to his one year younger sister.
Daily these two are walked, loved, and allowed to romp and exercise in the backyard on our property, that is until this past week. Now we are all on guard.

Our husky is one canine breed known to desire freedom when instinct visits and scented whiffs travel by her nose. She can run like the wind, not require food for a long while when in this mode, and often this breed will never return to their home base once they've departed. We knew that when our son expressed desire for her. It has always been a concern.

We've been fairly lucky up to this point as she usually remains close by while we are outdoors with her, a real people person per se loving plenty of affection, however there comes a time when that inborn hunter instinct will take over. When and if that time comes, it will be sad day indeed for our son, and our entire family. She is just so lovable!

Three episodes of sudden unexpected bolted fleeing have occurred over this past two weeks while she's been out playing with the children, which luckily all included happy endings after panic moments and grand searches. Next time, we are aware she might never return.

As long as she departs from sight , our yellow lab barks like nothing we've heard before from her, to the point where she becomes hoarse.

At first we brought her inside to quiet her down, and then realized our husky isn't familiar with a return to the house via the forest out back, so we allowed her to bark as she did. Perhaps it was instrumental in our husky's return, who knows?

Her senses must be on overload since our move here. What has her curiosity up this time? Maybe that small bear cub seen alone in these parts recently.

In the general sense of the word, a husky can look quite intimidating to most strangers and as they are from a lineage similar to a wolf, their diet can include all sorts of delectable items.

Ours always ceases to amaze us with her choice of wild food fare, so gross actually.
But as the story goes, our husky is far from mean, at all. She may gulp back a "daily dessert of chipmunk" if sudden jerk moves take her towards one, munch on a mouse (who needs a cat!), delight in an attempt to capture a wild rabbit, nibble on a bird after seizing in in flight, whatever, but to a human being, she is the most loving and gentle dog one could ask for.

She doesn't bark much, maybe a low growl towards the other dog when they play, but never a bark.

Sh'nook can look intimidating for those who aren't aware of her perfect disposition.

Since her last escapade of well over an hour long with fleeting moments for those on the hunt for her, our children are now very careful when allowing her loose now.

A long 25 foot lead now must remain attached to her, sometimes clipped to a tree or the trampoline in the yard, or sometimes just loose on the ground. It may deter her from fleeing by getting tied up in the forest, at least we hope so.

A dog leash is also clipped onto a belt loop just in case of a quick search, and mom is not too far away with the
"Dog Whistle iPod Application" ready for usage. Heh, between our other dog barking and this whistle, so far so good folks!

Our daughter fetched one of her jackets from the closet this week and grew quite fond of the idea of warming up our husky from the winter white frosty grounds during the early morning.

  • Does she know how fabulous this dog really feels in her fur coat? Yes.
  • Does she know the lab is more likely to get cold than our husky? Yes.

"Oh but mommy, she looks so cute
in my coat with the blue on black."

There has been no physical display of annoyance by way of this dog reacting to children's dress-up with her. When observing our dog wearing this child's jacket, she almost looks as though she's quite enjoying the attention and affections.

The children must certainly be well aware there would be no way in the world our golden lab could tolerate this same thing at all.
Thus our husky is looking mighty girlie right about now. She actually looks hilarious in this jacket!

Hoodie hat and all!