Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why are these children smiling?

These are four of our beloved grandbabes, all residing in the Pacific Northwest and so very far from us! One might ask why these sweet children are smiling so.

I'll give you a hint;

Check out the right side bar on this blog and find a countdown announcement for the expectant arrival of our new grandbabe who is due to arrive by December 18th, just one month from today.

How exciting we will be blessed with yet another very precious wee babe into our family circle. Baby news is always good news!

How sweet it is and yet how bittersweet at the same time. THIS is when we get heart pangs living way over here, and for the second time, I will miss out on being the one called in the wee hours of the morning when "it's time" to get on the road and remain overnight with the younguns while mommy and daddy whisk away for the delivery of their fresh-from-heaven blessing.

In 2010 the Olympics will be hosted by Vancouver in B.C., Canada. These games are a main event which only repeat themselves once every four years, quite a rare thing.

For me, a new baby event is so much more exciting, and the anticipation so much more glorious than any gold medal win! These sweet babes are truly our awards in life, eternal beings granted unto us at the end of the wait and laborious work by their mama. No matter the season, baby arrivals definitely put sunshine into our hearts and trump even something so well revered as the Olympic Games.

Rather than fly west for the Olympics, I'm hoping to travel west with a golden ticket entry to cuddle up with our new grandbabe, kiss a soft and tender sweet cheek, enjoy a tiny hand wrapped around one of my fingers, and have the honor of tracing a small blessing on a wee forehead from this child's "Nana".

Oh yes, there will also be many many beloved sweet cheeks of children and grandbabes to kiss while I'm visiting over there, all amazing and beautiful gifts from above.

So blessed!