Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fall back, spring forward

Daylight savings has officially come and gone!

Today, two days after the fact, we still have the remains of a few clocks without their updated timing. Ah, shucks, it's okay though as everyone began to progress quite nicely the past two mornings AND super early to complete their morning chores. :)

As we've come to expect - autumn will soon pass as winter is right around the corner. If you haven't visited my blog lately and read my posts via Google Reader or another source, I invite you to come and check out the current autumn theme on both of my blog's sidebars.

Very soon I'll be feeling the need to transpose all into a wintry wonderland with snowy pics aplenty. The blog's main header will also have new pics uploaded into their wave format to define the change of seasons from something warm to chilly winter woolen weather depictions.

Feel free as always to let me know what you think...

Oh lookie! We can see our neighbors now!

For today, here are a few photos of this past weekend, those showing typical changes happening on our property.

Most of our leaves have now blown off the trees, it's been raining leaves resulting in the marvelous creation of a thickly woven autumn carpet.

Within just a few days, all those beautiful fall palette colors turned into a mushy looking brown color, subsequently requiring a team of leaf rakers to bag them all up before the local municipal composter truck arrives for pickup tomorrow.

This week is our one and only week this winter for ridding ourselves of an overabundance of leaves, those which will soon rot and become all slimy perfect for becoming dwelling nesting places for mosquito and fly eggs soon to hatch in time for spring.

Piles and piles of these were awaiting the baggers.

All hands were on deck for the morning!

Our goal this past Saturday was to load up at least 30 large leaf bags. Within 3 1/2 hours we did in fact accomplish much by bagging up 37 of them instead, seven more than expected.

This is what our roadside looks like
until tomorrow morning's pickup.

Meanwhile when the rest of us were on the raking and bagging duty, my hubby sat upon his John Deere tractor, spending the hours mulching the remains of the autumn carpet along the grassy landscape areas.

My oh my, we are so ready for winter but not in a real hurry for it to arrive.