Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun!

When was the last time you were able to get away on a "girls only" retreat from the hectic pace of life's demands? Yep, that's what I figured, long time huh?

Okay, for all my woman friends out there, it's time to do this yourself, even for a teatime visit, an evening, a full day or if family life allows - for a few days.

I suppose the words ring true for me every time they come to mind; the words a friend of mine was told by her mother in law, that "she should be afforded more leisure time by her age". She was in her early forties, thick in the day to day of raising a family and tending to all of her pressing commitments. Who had time for leisure she thought?

Do woman really have
"leisure time", affording them to leave home for a period of time on any given day, let alone a few of them?

Absolutely NOT all of the time! Sometimes yes, sometimes no way!

But, here's the spin on it folks - can women afford themselves a time of refreshment for the purpose of renewal, returning home to their families ready to roll again?

And though it may not be completely second nature to allow for this sacrificial time for the purpose of our own selves, it's truly only in our best interest as women to tend to our weary souls when able, to get out with our sisters, mothers, women friends, and to visit heart to heart, to laugh and to have heartfelt sharing moments, to pray, to retreat from life's heavy demands, to absolutely get outside of the box of our day to day, or our month to month demands of life.

So, last question (I promise, snicker), when are you going to cross off an appointed time on your calendar to achieve this well deserved "Mommy time out"?

Just saying, but seriously please consider taking my humble bit of advice, the advice thrust out there today from this older woman who has the life's experiences of micromanaging my flock in a responsible manner for years and years, BUT, I never really considered taking enough of these "time outs" over the years just for the simple purpose to recover, refresh and return home ready to roll once more, even if for only a few hours away.

I am just now over the past few years coming into my own, (with my husband's blessing by the way) feeling comfortable in doing such a "self" driven activity and cannot at times believe I didn't respond to my options way earlier than now. All of those conventions were good, retreats better, but they are not always scheduled or available when needed the most.

So, think about it at the very least and then when you feel comfortable, just go ahead and plan something soon. Consider it all in the family, a time for all the woman in your family perhaps like a friend of mine does. Her own mother insisted when she was 16 years old, that she be included in a women-only time out with aunts, sisters, mothers and generational family members. Fast forward over twenty years, and they are still doing it yearly. Many new babies have attended during these times, but they are dedicated to taking a weekend a year, without any other children or men present.

As a very important aside; Your husband and family will feel your absence, yes that's a given. The benefits swinging back to them will be double-fold though, yes they will, PLUS, you'll never regret it. I promise. :)

Firstly - just think about taking time for tea to dwell on those possibilities.

The "Dunbar Teahouse" in Sandwich, MA.
(Check out the website HERE)
(PS Mom, they've added on to this wonderful teahouse you used to frequent when here before.)

Serving several meals a day, the food was so fresh and out of this world!

For those who prefer taking "high tea", they have that too all afternoon. Be sure to have at least one scone with devonshire cream and homemade strawberry preserves. Ohh-la-la!

Taking tea, what a wonderful place to begin a time of refreshment!

In honor of Thanksgiving, table decor was very sweet.

Girls just wanna have fun (and a respite from the hectic paces of life), and my sister and I are having FUN!

Please allow me to share some of our fun with you, gifting one another presently for occasions during the year saved especially for this appointed time together, with one another.

Rather than sending a gift via the postman, we are living it and doing it all together. That's what sisters do, right?

Okay, so she insisted and gifted me with both a manicure and pedicure for my upcoming birthday. Have to say, it was diva delightful!

See, she's enjoying it too! So, hint, if this is your kind of thing, just grab a girlfriend and go!

A woman's feet are made for walking, hiking, moving, shaking, getting up round the clock tending to unwell loved ones, animal care, running errands, kid chauffeur and taxi service, and ultimately how many women are NOT tending to their own relaxation needs quite enough. Is this a regular thing in my own life? No, but it sure feels great when I am able to indulge in the activity.

Meeting and having lunch with one of my sister's friend.

Shopping and shopping in unique stores to the US, those we do not have in Canada is always fun and best done with a chunk of carefree timing ability.

We've visited the Christmas Tree store, Marshall's, Chico's, Pottery Barn, Williams and Sonoma, and then we began searching for a book store so I could purchase the "Pioneer Woman Cooks" book.
Found it! Super thrilled as it's not yet in Canada for me to find there. In fact, we don't have any Barnes and Noble bookstores up there, none.

See, Ree Drummond was just waiting for me this day. I got the second to last copy in the store! Sold out!

Introduced the ladies to "Red Cup" season at Starbucks. Oh what fun we had there! :)

Ladies, don't forget to sign up to get your free cuppa yummy on your birthday!
Check it out by clicking HERE.

Oh, I assure you - there's much more happening around here. These are just teasers of some of our actual times out of the house. We've filled our time with other relaxing stuff there, believe me ... laugh. Older women need more down time, energy levels just aren't as high as they used to be you know? hehehe

And besides, thoughts of Advent are filling my head. How great is all this to have a time-out before the season of Advent begins? Perfect timing is you ask me.