Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Summer & Fall Rewind Posts - are where?

Good morning everyone; I stand before you, guilty as charged, reminded fairly regularly these days about my promised "rewind posts" which have not yet come, at least not within the promised time frame.

Just as in other people's lives, I too have moments when my best planned and tweaked schedules offer grand interruptions or conflicting schedules to suck dry my blogging moments.

Naturally, I know full well you all understand, perhaps this is why I am seemingly attempting by way of this post to console myself that it's okay to be late with a deadline, something I have a hard time with as I am usually a very punctual sort of person. :)
Happily as I mentioned once before, indeed the posts are nearly on their way.

Fast forward please to the delay as also mentioned prior to now. The said posts had been written on my hard drive which were not saved onto disks before the laptop had to be rolled back into factory condition after suffering from a bout with a virus.

Thankfully all of my stored photos were backed up onto "many disks" which I have been working wildly to reload to my computer. Whew! What a task to complete the process of, um, let's see, about 5300 photos. I am not kidding you about that number either, so many from this self professed photographicolic (my new word of the

On a brighter note, as the process of reloading the photos onto the computer is nearing completion, I've managed to simultaneously upload many favorites to my "Flickr" folders" (click here) for safer keeping. (wink) Please feel free if you have a moment to visit our life in pictures over at my "Flickr account personalized pages"there, by way of clicking onto the *Flickr* links shown in this paragraph or by using the screen saver Flickr icon on the right side of this blog.

I have yet another 1000 pictures I would like to upload and feature in those personalized file folders, bits at a time, while up town at a favorite coffee shop due to issues with our rural satellite internet system. Uploading photos are near impossible after a dozen or so at home. Keep checking back for more over the next few weeks, as I promise there to be many yet unseen from my recent archival photo bunches.

Meanwhile, as a gentle way of teasing you for the rewind posts to come, here are a few photos of our summer harvest and kitchen work bee sessions.

As our autumn has turned into a pre-winter frosty beauty, let us linger for just a moment over this beautiful season which does indeed, pass all too quickly.

Blessings to all;