Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rewind to Grandbabe visit

A while back on September 13th, I was able to announce the wonderful visit we had with one of our older sons from the Pacific Northwest and his two older children. (You can read the introduction blog post HERE)

They came, we power visited, our son visited but mostly painted day and night for us, and then, it was all too soon time to leave again.

An entire floor of our home is painted with a fresh coat, a giant blessing from our son. Words cannot express how grateful we are to him for such a huge task! It's done! Hooray!

Two teens and their older brother,
in his paint duds at coffee time.

We had a lovely time together. Our grandchildren each clung to their young auntie and uncle, all enjoying one another's company very much.

Our younger son took his responsibility of
caring for his nephew very seriously

Our youngest son took good care of his nephew and entertained him real well with his excellent host skills (wink), to the point when night fell, we wondered who was more tired, him or his nephew.

Our daughter and her niece were thickly united,
had so much to talk about and enjoyed
similar hobbies and child's play.

Horses are a big topic in their young lives as both are riders. Across the 5000 miles or so that separates them, they like to talk on the telephone, spending hours and hours over the months chatting about the horse they will buy together ...someday.

Even though we share life in two separate provinces, the logistics hasn't dawned on them directly yet over how they will actually share this animal..someday.

Enjoy the short video below featuring some of the many photos I was able to snap to keep this time close to our hearts. We sure miss them all already!