Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My Chef at Home update...

Some have emailed to ask if my hubby chef is still cooking up a storm for his family. :)

The answer is a spontaneous yes, yes, yes! He sure is cooking alright, and now his repertoire has included other favorite cooking shows on the FOOD channel PLUS my friend Barbara's cooking blog called "Bless us O Lord" HERE.

"Foodies" all, there are so many who choose to cook and love their newly acquired chefing skills.

Bits of paper lay around occasionally with little notes and grocery items, those my hubby picks up on the spur of the moment when something he's watched, read or heard about tempts him into action.

With apron on, a flurry of activity hits the kitchen and the family knows Dad is in a serious meal making mode.

Making a Frittata for Brunch

Orange and red peppers, spinach, feta cheese,
smoked salmon, onions, eggs....+++ = Yum, yum, yum!

Our youngest daughter gets revved up every time she sees her daddy in the kitchen, always choosing to accompany him in there.

Alas she has competition with a brother who also gets into the act, both vying for sous chef assignments with a tremendous and innocent eagerness to help.

Here are a few pics from one fabulous breakfast. It was yet dark in the kitchen this early morn, so my pics weren't as great as I had hoped for.

I have a few more to share later on, but just a few as I've forgotten often to snap a photo before devouring the incredible smells set before me.

Always plated, the food arrives at the table and the dinner hour message summons all to the table. Just like a restaurant but no bill accompanies the meal and no tip rests near the bottom edge of the plate. grin..