Saturday, April 10, 2010


(just bumping this up because I realized I forgot one photo, now uploaded with everyone else present for the photo happenings.)

Easter Sunday with our family.

Yes, we flew west for a period of time. The six of us here were able to get away for the sole purpose of reuniting with the rest of the gang and both sets of parents over in the Vancouver area.

We had a new grandbaby to meet, and my husband was informed he would not have to enter for his upcoming respiratory rehabilitation hospital stay now, most likely until the summertime, so off we went, on a whim, and all worked out very well indeed.

Our four youngest children, the ones living with us here in the east had not traveled back to their birth area for over two years, and when an opportunity arose to make it happen, my fingers did the walking and the airmiles made it all possible.

"Whirlwind" - best describes our days but we wouldn't trade our memory building moments while walking western grounds out there for anything!

Time completely escapes us when able to plunge deeply into the ever-emotional midst of warm embraces, gentle hugs, sweet mushy kisses and yes - even when surrounded by screaming grandbabies who wondered who we are for a time.

Family - an incredible blessing.

We are family, we are.

We will allows look forward to a "regrouping and a rekindle" of what first began as a nucleus of two very humbled and blessed parents with our eight children, those forming this family in the first place.

In essence, we live and breathe for these times when all are afforded precious time to come together again, whenever possible, however possible. We'll take whatever we can get. :)

Our eight children together at one time, first time in three years.

How difficult it becomes to gather everyone for a few photos... but once this session first began, all were motivated to update a few fab oldies to more current ones.

How fun it was, especially to see them all manage to form their pyramid once more.

Note the bottom row...brave but cringing with the weight upon them.

And, waiting in the wings were other family members, some though were not present for this photo below;