Thursday, April 08, 2010

Palm Sunday

The Blessing of the Palms

The Wonder of a Child

Palms formed into Crosses

I like to form my palms into crosses as soon as I'm able, while fresh, so they don't curl and wrinkle up into an extra brittle state. I think this day I turned 18 palms into crosses for our family and others who requested I do the same for theirs.

I then took a few of ours and pressed them deep into my missal to flatten them up a bit for our return travel trip home. This is one sacramental we were thrilled to be blessed with during our trip west, on Palm Sunday.

...Traditionally in the Western Church the Palm Sunday service begins with the "blessing of the palms," where the palms used in the procession that follows are blessed. It is during this time that the story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem is read. Then a procession into the church building follows. If there cannot be a procession from the outside of the church, a solemn entrance, taking place entirely within the church, may be done. The hymns and psalmody are related to Christ's office as King...
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