Saturday, April 10, 2010

Palm Sunday Pancakes

Having arrived in Vancouver four days prior to my husband and one son, the rest of us decided to roll with the flow, having no set agenda for the most part beforehand.

Late Saturday afternoon after visiting our post surgery daughter, she offered a suggestion that we should all invade our oldest son's home (pending permission naturally), porting along food goods to create a very simplistic meal after mass, the main intention to gather and visit together would be the highlight and goal.

Pancakes, Waffles, Eggs and juice were to be the order of the afternoon, which meant everyone shared supply gathering for the meal. I was in charge of the pancake supplies while others ran out for eggs, juice or other staples, coffee included (and boy did I need coffee!).

All hands on deck in our son's kitchen, everyone gathering on the spur of the moment after mass, my parents included.

It was time to relax and recover from the previous days' time zone changes and celebrate the day - Palm Sunday. It was also a time to unwind before having to pick up the rest of our family at the airport later this night.

Our oldest son began to roll up his sleeves and rev up his waffle maker, others of course offering their assistance around him.

It was quite rewarding to note his attention to the meal preparation at hand because when younger while still living at home, meal making was his least enjoyable activity. :) I loved observing the pay off from those early year teachings in action. Love you son - so proud of YOU for making more than a whole chicken in my oven roaster (snicker)!

As per a usual fun acknowledgment, there were back to back head/height comparisons between brothers and also between my father and our sons. Fun!

Our daughter who was still recovering post surgery had endured a tough night the evening before, her medication not performing well for her and seemingly making her ill. She was a good sport though, eventually needing to nod off for a time while everyone gathered round later on to watch a movie together. Actually there were many eyes beginning to close about then.

By early evening, all were sacked and eventually it was time to leave. Our son and his wife graciously offered to pick up his father and brother from the airport, allowing the rest of us to chill out back in our lodgings.

First and foremost though was the discovery by our youngest daughter, that of her older brother's toy (grin) the one that fast became quite fascinating to her.

A Light Saver!

Wow, and don't be kidded about this being an actual toy, for it is an adult gadget recreated to make authentic noises when moving it about, or first pressing the button to make the lite part shoot out ever so quickly and brighten up for usage.

Oh yea, this thing was quite something alright, quite a mimic of a real one seen in movies!