Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When mother feels better...

...she realizes how far behind everything in one household can get and how much there is to do to pick up the pace and find a semblance of "normal" again.

This mama doesn't usually EVER get ill.

Last week I felt like I was hit by a raging storm with a sinus cold and resulting sinus infection that left me unable to maintain anything akin to normal on my mommy dial.

I've moved and kept rolling in years passed like a woman with energizer batteries on full blast. I had to if I was going to be successful. Normally I hold up very well.

As I've written here before, there is a danger when one in our family comes down with something contagious when we have a lung disease to care for. I ducked and took care to air and disinfect the house as able, sleeping on the couch and wearing my surgical masks round the clock.

Since I had a son plagued with the same thing as me, we rested often and our eleven year old daughter made us tea, brought us our echinacea, water, Vitamin C tablets, fishermen's lozenges, filled the essential oil diffuser with airborne germ killers, made us all snacks and greatly assisted with anything she could.

I'd like to say we caught it on the plane, but we think it was from someone we knew in Vancouver while on our trip over there instead, someone well meaning and with good intentions, but still ?!? It sure has been a doozy, an energy robber at best. But, life is good for we're seeing sunshine and getting better everyday.

Today was a very much better for me, energy returning and I probably overdid it, but the "real world" awaited for me to face yet again.

I had a mound of sheets and towels to wash, dry and put away. (Who doesn't change sheets more than usual and towels often when someone is ill in their homes?) And it wasn't a problem for me to complete the task, all of it, that is but fold and put away when I should have, until later this evening.

I got distracted....for shame. :)

Instead, when it came time for the children's reading hour after lunch today, the sheets remained right where I had been previously stacking them.

Just keeping it real here folks, so don't cringe too badly when viewing the photo directly below;

Just keeping it real folks...

It was sunny today. It's Spring! I love Spring, don't you?

I wanted to race the sun before it came round to the back windows and buff and shine up all the glass so the rays would enter our home and embrace us with all the promises offered for the season ahead.

Ah, yes, one thing seemed to lead to another today. I not only washed the windows in one room, I did the entire main floor. Lest you feel this no great feat, let me share with you that we have window frames with either double or triple windows installed into them.

When I added them all up, I counted thirty-two! Okay, now I see you shaking your head, those are a whole lot of windows, aren't they?

Wow, does it EVER feel good to have this task done!

Tomorrow, the rest of the windows upstairs will be a breeze for me because the ceilings are ten feet high like the ones on the main floor - READ - extra tall windows, and I'm a short little hobbit! AND, I didn't even touch the transome windows on the main floor today because I didn't want to get up high on a bar stool. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like being a gymnast and get them done too.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me notes of good cheer. Wow, it's amazing when "the mama goes down, all crumble around her".

I'm really building up my immune system now. I can't afford to be ill, not for a very long, long time again. Now if only the twitching in the nerve under one eye will get lost! LOL, So. Everyone. Watch this and find the sunshine in your day today!