Wednesday, April 21, 2010

... thirty-six...

is the new number of the current horse population residing at the barn up the road where our daughters work and ride. A few have left, more have come.

Several horse trailers drove onto the property last week, all containing more four legged furry friends for the girls to get to know.

Three of them were "rescued" from horse meat butchering, all a little skinny and in dire need of both food and loving.

They've sure come to the right place!

The owner of the barn, the girls' instructor sent me these photos of our girls riding their favorite horses.

I thought they were great photos, so thankful to have them!

Oh, and speaking of horses, as per a few requests, here is a photo of our daughter's new hobby horse, a gift from family in the west, the one she rode during the first ever "Pony Olympics".

And here she is again with one of the real horses at the barn.

Ewww, she let him lick her!

Now that's a horse crazy girl!