Saturday, April 17, 2010

Intense Love

Intense love does not measure...
It just continues to give.

~ Mother Teresa

My husband's night table corner now graced with the perfect picture frame of an imperfect sized photo, taken by chance and enjoyed by both of us. I always tease him when he calls saying; "Hello boyfriend", where I would enjoy little girl giggles near me in my background - thus is where the frame idea came from when I saw it displayed at the store.

Resting near the picture frame is a small statue of Our Lady, the one our young grand-daughter paid for with her own money and bought for my husband while he was in hospital last year. So sweet.

Were you married recently or have you been together for a long time?

Here's a challenge for you...

Do you have a photo of your spouse on your night table, one in full view when you rise and when you lay your head down to rest at night, having him in your mind and heart 24/7? If not, why not put that on your priority list of things to do today.
  • Find a photo of you as a couple, one that evokes warm memories and order a copy if necessary.
  • Find the perfect frame and place it on your night table.

Now how about one for you and another for him?